Twitter / pourmecoffee: ”Djibouti migrants try to capture cheap cell signals from Somalia to call relatives” (Photo: John Stanmeyer/@NatGeo) 

You’ve probably heard that a happy employee is a productive one who can boost the bottom line. But just how much?
Here are some numbers:
33% higher profitability (Gallup)
43% more productivity (Hay Group)
37% higher sales (Shawn Achor)
300% more innovation (HBR)
51% lower turnover (Gallup)
50% less safety incidents (Babcock Marine Clyde)
66% decrease in sick leave (Forbes)
125% less burnout (HBR)
Here, some tips for staying happy at work

“What happens when you can’t find the City Hall’s Bible and you need to promote some firefighters to Battalion Chief and Fire Captain? If you’re the Atlantic City Fire Department of Atlantic City, New Jersey, you grab an iPad and load up your favorite Bible app to complete the swearing in ceremony.”
(iPad app replaces physical Bible in New Jersey swear-in ceremony | The Verge via Irwin)
"Studies began to show that learning, reasoning, organizing priorities, managing time, staying focused and handling stress were all dependent on a healthy working memory capacity"